SBT Instruments is a Danish company focused on realizing the potential of our groundbreaking technology for performing real-time measurements of bacteria through numerous different and unique products. The company is partially owned by the Ellab Foundation, which is an independent Danish commercial foundation that donates to a number of charitable purposes such as research, humanitarian and social issues, scientific affairs, as well as forestry and agriculture research.

The ambition for SBT Instruments is to become the next Danish industry giant, where we expect the company to assume a leading role globally within microbiology and bacteria measurements. Issues such as ensuring safe and clean water, both for drinking and for industry, as well as food safety are two predominant areas of interest for the company. The introduction of our innovative sensor system to the market will be the first step to revolutionizing the industry of microbiology measurements, and our goal is to always be at the forefront of the technological development within our field.