SBT Instruments is a Danish company founded in 2014 by three graduates from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The developmental work in the company started in May 2013, where the idea to develop a bacteria sensor was conceived during university project work. When it was identified that there was a global need for real-time bacteria detection and that a novel technology which is able to do this could be developed, it was an easy decision for the founders to plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

The founders took the idea to Venture Cup, the largest entrepreneurship competition in Denmark, with the largest competition cash prizes in the world at the time, and won the overall start up competition 2013 after winning two rounds of live pitching. Furthermore, the team has won the Agro Business Park Innovation Competition 2013, been finalists in the accelerator program Danish Tech Challenge 2014, 3rd place in Nordic Cleantech Open 2016, overall winner of Green Tech Challenge 2016 and top 8 among more than 4000 startups at Pioneers’ Festival 2017. The founders still have strong roots to DTU Nanotech with whom excellent co-operation exists. The developmental work is performed with carefully selected partners and suppliers to ensure that the product quality and performance is state-of-the-art.

The goal of SBT Instruments is to provide the world with all the benefits obtained by the technology in development. Especially water and food safety are obvious applications in which SBT Instruments will be able to radically improve the standards of quality and hygiene control. It is our ambition to revolutionize the industry by introducing our innovative sensor system to the market and be at the forefront of the technological development within our field.