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American Water Symposium IV

SBT Aqua presented the bacteria detection technology at American Water's 4th symposion, Utility of the Future, which was held in Philadelphia, USA. Though SBT Aqua's base of operation is located in Europe, the problems solved have global real. The invitation to speak at the symposium shows the growing interest for SBT Aqua's real-time bacteria sensor worldwide. SBT Aqua's bacteria sensor can help companies such as American Water ensure the quality of the drinking water that they provide to their customers.

American Water

American Water is one of the largest utility companies in the USA and serves millions of American citizens in nearly all of the United States. SBT Aqua would like to thank America Water for giving us the opportunity to present our bacteria detection technology at the symposium. This event confirms that large companies such as American Water is aligned with our vision: To ensure the quality control of drinking water.