Application Notes

Below is a list of our publicly available application notes and peer-reviewed articles for BactoBox.


New Peer-Reviewed Article: Fluorescence Flow Cytometry vs BactoBox

This peer-reviewed article compares fluorescence flow cytometry and BactoBox for bacterial enumeration, demonstrating their strong correlation in results and cell viability assessment based on membrane integrity. It offers a thorough analysis and demonstrates great agreement for these methods.

Access the peer-reviewed article here. 

Linearity Test of Plate Counts and BactoBox

This application note evaluates the linearity of BactoBox compared to plate counting, focusing on a range of 10,000 to 5,000,000 intact cells/mL. Using Staphylococcus epidermidis cultures, the application note presents experiments validating BactoBox's near flawless correlation with standard plate counts in quantifying bacteria.

Download the full application note here.

OD600 vs BactoBox

This application note contrasts OD600 with BactoBox for tracking bacterial growth, emphasizing BactoBox's precision and quick results. It discusses how BactoBox surpasses OD600, which can misrepresent results with debris or dead cells, by providing consistent correlations with plate counts, detecting growth sooner, and delivering reliable bacterial concentrations swiftly, making it a preferable option for real-time analysis.

Download the full application note here. 

Colony Forming Units vs BactoBox

This application note compares the CFU method and BactoBox for assessing viable bacteria in growing cultures, detailing technical differences, practical impacts, and BactoBox's enhancements to efficiency, reliability, and precision in bacterial quantification.

Download the full application note here.

Using BactoBox to Enumerate Endospores

This application note details how to configure BactoBox beyond its default settings for counting intact cells to rapidly enumerate endospores, including correlation data with CFUs for Bacillus spore counting.

Download the full application note here.

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