Bacteria detection in 2 minutes


Rapid bacteria quantification for fermentation control

Meet BactoBox®

Bacteria detector for biotherapeutics development


Fast results

Using Impedance flow cytometry, BactoBox produces accurate total bacteria counts in 2 minutes


Counts all types of bacteria

BactoBox counts all bacteria including anaerobic bacteria, endospores, and bacteria that are difficult to culture on plates


Easy to use

We designed BactoBox to require practically no training to operate – simply press the button and get results

LBPs development

BactoBox is a game-changer for fast, reliable, and easy tracking of cell counts 

BactoBox can be used to give a here and now answer on the total concentration of bacteria in a sample. To reach optimal production yields of the biotherapeutics within a short time, this process must be tightly controlled. These parameters are highly dependent on the biomass and concentration of microorganisms and therefore the concentration of microorganisms must be followed.

To measure bacteria just grab a sample,  insert it in BactoBox, and press measure — simple as that. The technology then automatically identifies and counts bacteria and delivers the bacteria concentration. 

BactoBox is designed to measure bacteria in contaminated water and in pure cultures and some liquid products with simple sample preparation. It measures all bacteria, including endospores and difficult-to-cultivate bacteria.


Detection limits

BactoBox works well for samples
with high bacterial load

BactoBox® measures bacteria using Impedance flow cytometry

The detection range for BactoBox is 10,000 to 5,000,000 intact cells/mL. A simple dilution will have to be performed to reach this interval for most applications in which BactoBox is used.

The detection range can be affected if there are too many bacteria-sized particles in the sample. But this is rarely a problem even for samples with many particles such as stool and soil samples.

Fermentation Dilution step by step (version 2)

The core technology

Measuring bacteria using impedance flow cytometry

BactoBox® measures bacteria using Impedance flow cytometry

BactoBox employs a new approach to bacteria measurements called Impedance flow cytometry. Inside a microfluidic flow-cell, intact bacteria are detected and distinguished from other particles based on their electrical properties.

It has all the accuracy advantages known from fluorescence flow cytometry but it is much more simple to operate and also a lot cheaper both in the acquisition and operating costs.

Contrary to optical density measurements BactoBox provides absolute cellular concentrations. 

Want to see it in action?

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