Ellab-Fonden enters the group of owners of SBT Instruments

We are happy to announce that Ellab-Fonden has entered SBT Instruments’ group of owners through its subsidiary Ellab Holding A/S.

Ellab-Fonden is an independent Danish commercial foundation that donates to a number of charitable purposes such as research, humanitarian and social issues, scientific affairs, as well as forestry and agriculture research. Ellab-Fonden donates annually millions of DKK, and 20% of SBT Instruments’ future dividends will indirectly be donated to charitable purposes due to the foundation’s share of ownership in SBT Instruments.

The solid financial position of Ellab-Fonden is supplemented by a strong set of competencies within scaling and operations through the foundation’s previous role as owner of the company Ellab A/S. Ellab-Fonden and SBT Instruments share the same ambitions for SBT Instruments, and Ellab-Fonden will be represented by Peter Krogh on the board of directors of SBT Instruments.

We are very excited to collaborate with Ellab-Fonden, and we look forward to see the results of our hard work in the near future.