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Field Tests with Bacteria Measurements

It has been a while since our latest news update since we have been busy developing our bacteria sensor. Our time has been focused on maintenance testing the various components in our bacteria sensor. The electronics are ready and we have been begun the critical phase of doing field test studies with our fully functional prototype. A prototype was installed at Verdo Vand just before Christmas where we performed real-time bacteria measurements. The test ran smoothly and was deemed a success.

Vandsektorens Teknologiudviklingsfond

January has been used to focus on an external technology validation at the Danish Technological Institute and preparing for that test. From mid March and forward, SBT Aqua will do additional field-testing at Verdo Vand, Sønderborg Forsyning, and Vand og Affald.

Verdo Vand

Svendborg Vand

Sønderborg Forsyning

Guldborgsund Forsyning