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Further Progress in Field Testing

SBT Aqua has recently concluded maintenance testing for one of our latest demo-models. Field-testing of the "Emma" demo-model had been ongoing for two months before the model was decommissioned, and Emma was operational for the entirety of the two months at Vilstrup Vandværk, which is owned by Verdo Vand. During the testing period no service or maintenance was performed on the system. The subsequent investigation of components was informative as well as positive, and it definitely appeared as if Emma could continue to function for a longer duration without maintenance. Our target for the first product is that it can be operational for a month between each service event, where a service event is a rapid plug n’ play exchange of the sensing unit component.


Ending the testing of one model means that testing must begin for another. While we were at Verdo Vand to remove Emma, we also installed a new model, Thora. Thora has some minor upgrades compared to Emma, but otherwise they are very similar. Thora would be capable of measuring bacteria in the drinking water, if it had the necessary electronics. However, the electronics were not quite ready for field-testing when Emma was uninstalled, so it was decided to continue the reliability testing phase until the electronics have been made field-test ready. The team is still working hard on realizing the first fully functional demo-model which is suitable for field-testing, and hopefully it will be appear soon – more updates will follow!

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