2 May 2022

DTU's clean room provides reassurance for chip manufacturers

Ellab-Fonden enters the group of owners of SBT Instruments

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The startup SBT Instruments rents DTU's clean room in order to produce measuring chips for its customers and avoid supply problems and fluctuating quality.

Small production batches of chips for measuring equipment can be quality-sensitive items when you order them from international suppliers. That’s why the startup SBT Instruments has rented DTU’s clean room. There, they produce a chip for the BactoBox measuring device which is used to measure bacterial concentrations in samples within a few minutes. Keeping the production in Denmark gives SBT Instruments control of quality and supply, and this is crucial for the companies that have bought a BactoBox and need to change the product's flow cell chip after every 250 measurements.

“We’re completely dependent on being able to deliver new flow cells to our customers so they can perform their measurements. Previously, we had them manufactured abroad, but as a small customer of the major manufacturers, we’ve experienced problems with waiting times and quality, and we can’t live with that. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to be able to use the clean room and gain control over the quality and delivery times,” says Gustav Skands, CEO and co-founder of SBT Instruments.

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