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6 April 2021

Recounts of a Venture Cup winner

Absolute cell counts is a boundary for understanding and affecting microbiomes

Recounts of a Venture Cup winner

Scientists have long known that the groups of microbes living in and around animals and plants affected their health, but only in the last two decades have the analysis methods reach a state where this is measurable. This has led to a rapid increase of microbiome research and solutions seeking to understanding and improving microbiomes in, on and around both humans, animals, and plants.

Genetic mapping of the species in a microbiome has become affordable and available – but the composition is only relative unless you know the absolute number of bacteria present. When researchers and companies try to enumerate microbiome bacteria or microbiome probiotics usually run into the same challenges:
• Consortia of bacteria are difficult and cumbersome to enumerate using total viable plate count due to different and challenging growth conditions.
• Fluorescence flow cytometry is costly to acquire, implement and run.
• Many gut bacteria don’t register easily using an optical density.

In our view, these challenges are slowing the pace of microbiome research and the production of microbiome probiotics – something we at SBT are dead set on changing. 

For the biotech industry, SBT developed BactoBox: a quick, easy, and affordable instrument for enumeration of all viable bacteria in a sample. It employs a novel approach to bacteria enumeration using impedance flow cytometry, which quantifies bacteria by electrically detecting the cell structures of individual bacteria cells. In the microbiome field, BactoBox can help you to:  
• Observe absolute changes in microbiome compositions. 
• Get quick viable bacteria counts before starting experiments.
• Monitor viable bacteria counts throughout production processes.

Our technology unlocks rapid bacteria detection in everything from studying the natural microbiome to developing and producing therapeutics.

If you are interested to learn more about our technology – please reach out to us via email [email protected]

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