/ Field Tests

Operational Testing has Begun

SBT Aqua has commenced operational testing of its sensor system. The testing is part of the third milestone in the project Real-time vandkvalitetsmåling i vandsektoren ved elektrisk detektering (real-time water quality measurements in the water sector using electrical detection). Vandsektorens Teknologiudviklingsfond (VTUF) granted SBT Aqua DKK 1.50 million to complete the project last year.

Vandsektorens Teknologiudviklingsfond

The first demo-model has been installed at Vilstrup Vandværk, which is owned by Verdo Vand. An important aspect of the project is to validate the durability and low maintenance requirement of the sensing unit. Hence, the objective of the first test is to investigate clogging of key components and tubing to determine the longest possible lifetime of the system. The first model has been named Thyra, as Thyra Dannebod was wife to Gorm the Old and the first Queen of Denmark. Thyra is mentioned on the Jelling stones, where the larger one is a memorial stone raised by King Gorm the Old for his wife when she died.

Installation of Thyra at Vilstrup Vandværk

Verdo Vand