BactoBox is a benchtop device for rapid measurements of total bacteria concentrations. Using no sample pretreatment and no reagents, SBT Instruments' solution can provide an accurate total bacteria count in a single sample within a few minutes.

Hygiene and Cleaning Validation

SBT Instruments has developed a small, affordable and easy-to-use benchtop device for providing actual bacteria counts within minutes in a hygiene and cleaning validation setting. BactoBox counts all bacteria in the sample and is thereby able to provide an accurate view of the microbiological quality of the sample.

Please contact Gustav at [email protected] if you are interested in using BactoBox for hygiene and cleaning validation, or if you require more information.

Surface Bacteria Test

BactoBox can be supplied with swab kits for measuring bacteria from surfaces in minutes. The swab kits are single-use and contains a pre-moistened swab to aid in sample collection. The swab used by SBT Instruments is especially high-grade as it does not leave any particle or chemical residues on the surface after collecting the sample.

Water Sample Test

SBT Instruments also provides sterilized sample vials for collecting water samples such rinse water from CIP-procedures. This enables users to rapidly measure if bacteria are present in the water, which could indicate that the cleaning cycle is not properly removing residue. The sample vials can also be used for collecting and measuring the total bacteria count in drinking water to provide a quick assessment of drinking water quality.

Other Processes and Projects

BactoBox measures the total bacteria level in aqueous solutions and therefore has the potential to be used in many processes and projects. If you are interested in using BactoBox to measure bacteria in other settings, please feel free to reach out to us.