BactoBox is a benchtop device for rapid measurements of total bacteria concentrations. Using no sample pretreatment and no reagents, SBT Instruments' solution can provide an accurate total bacteria count in a single sample within a few minutes.

Low-cost flow cytometry for bacteria measurements

BactoBox is a small, affordable and easy-to-use benchtop device that employs a variant of flow cytometry called impedance flow cytometry. The device can be used on-site by minimally trained personnel to measure actual bacteria counts within minutes in several different settings. We do not require any user input for post-processing of data as the device translates readings into usable output by itself using our proprietary algorithms.

Please contact Michael (Head of Commercial) at [email protected] if you are interested in using BactoBox for any of the applications listed below.

Rapid Pure Culture Concentration Testing

BactoBox is very suitable for accurate counting of bacteria in pure cultures that are used for R&D experiments, fermentation processes, or other applications where it is important to know the exact concentration of bacteria that you are working with before the experiment or process begins. During the 3-minute measurement BactoBox will disregard dead bacteria from the reading, which in this application makes it a tool and method that is directly comparable to plate counting, but with much faster results.

Rapid Water Sample Testing

SBT Instruments provides sterilized sample vials for collecting water samples such rinse water from CIP-processes. BactoBox can be used to rapidly measure if bacteria are present in the water, which could indicate that the cleaning cycle is not properly removing bacteria. The sample vials can also be used for collecting and measuring the total bacteria count in drinking water or other process water to provide a quick assessment of water quality.

Other Processes and Projects

BactoBox measures the total bacteria level in aqueous solutions and therefore has the potential to be used in many processes and projects. If you are interested in using BactoBox to measure bacteria in other settings, please feel free to reach out to us.