Benchtop Prototype Device

SBT Instruments has developed a benchtop prototype device for rapid analysis of total bacteria concentrations. Using no sample pretreatment and no reagents, SBT Instruments' solution can provide an exact total bacteria count in a single sample within just 5 minutes.


The benchtop prototype device can be used in many different applications. It is a sensor that rapidly can provide important information about the total bacteria level in any single sample, and thus be used to immediately gain knowledge about the microbiological quality of the sample.

Validation of CIP and Water Samples

Cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembling any of the equipment is critical. There are many industries that heavily rely on Clean-In-Place (CIP), and for most of these industries a high level of hygiene is necessary to ensure good product quality. A poor CIP process, maybe caused by a faulty sensor or reagent dispenser, can affect product quality and result in batch loss or even a product recall if the issue is not discovered until later in the process. Today's methods for measuring microbiology can not satisfy the need for scheduled and quick CIP validation mainly due to the long response time of the available methods. SBT Instruments' solution can be used to perform an accurate assessment of the bacteria level in the rinse water within 5 minutes.

Other Processes and Projects

The benchtop prototype device measures the total bacteria level in aqueous solutions and therefore has the potential to be used in many processes and projects. If you are interested in using the benchtop prototype device to measure bacteria in other settings, please feel free to reach out to Gustav at [email protected]