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SBT Aqua Completes the Entrepreneurial Pilot Program

Back in February 2015, SBT Aqua co-founders Gustav Skands and Christian Bertelsen joined Innovation Fund Denmark's Entrepreneurial Pilot Program. They were soon followed by SBT Aqua's third co-founder, Frederik Aalund. The program's mission statement:

The [Entrepreneurial Pilot Program] is designed to help newly graduated talents inspiring to become innovative entrepreneurs and aims to strengthen knowledge-based entrepreneurship – short and long-term.

Each year a few individuals among hundreds of candidates are selected to be part of the 12-month program. The select few receives mentoring, workshop sessions, and a monthly grant — means to develop a young startup company into a full-grown business.

Innovation Fund Denmark

Today, all three co-founders have completed the pilot program. The program has boosted SBT Aqua entrepreneurial competences which in turn has accelerated our business development. The team behind SBT Aqua wants to thank Innovation Fund Denmark for creating the Entrepreneurial Pilot Program and for generously choosing SBT Aqua's three co-founders among the many candidates.