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SBT Aqua Receives DKK 1.88 Million from the Danish Eco-innovation Program (MUDP)

The Danish Eco-innovation Program (MUDP) has granted SBT Aqua DKK 1.88 million to complete the project Real-time vandkvalitetsmåling i industrien og hospitalssektoren (real-time water quality measurement in the industry and health care sector).

Danish Ministry of the Environment

Real-time measurements of the microbiological water quality is essential in relation to securing product quality and promoting optimization and reuse of the water resource. Today, process water is tested using manual sampling and analysis methods which are time consuming, expensive and rely on random testing. It is very difficult to reuse and optimize the water resource in production due to the sampling and analysis procedures. This project aims to develop and test a continuous bacteria sensor for the private industry and health care sector. The sensor is based on the technology of SBT Aqua and will remove the obstacle of having insufficient monitoring data of the process water quality as it progresses through the line of production.

SBT Aqua would like to thank the Danish Eco-innovation Program (MUDP) for its generous contribution to the project. Additionally, the project is receiving financial contribution from three project partners; Glostrup Hospital, Royal Unibrew, and ALK-Abelló. The project is scheduled to begin November 1st 2014 and end November 1st 2016. Our website will feature continuous updates on the project progress.

Glostrup Hospital

Royal Unibrew