/ Product Development

Summer Update: More Work

Having two larger projects in the water sector (VTUF) and private industry (MUDP) is exciting, but also a lot of work. The summer is an excellent time to perform product development, which is exactly how the team of SBT Aqua has decided to spend the summer. Focus has been on developing the different prototypes, of which we have now reached the fifth generation. The Thyra demo-model is still installed and running at Vilstrup Vandværk (Verdo), while another demo-model, Gunhild, was installed at Vilstrup Vandværk in May and removed again in June due to technical issues. The troubleshooting was succesful and we are now working hard to rectify the issue.

Testing on distribution water using our in-house setup

Multiple systems are being tested simultaneously to identify which combination of components will yield the longest lifetime. The most significant challenge at this stage is still to maximize the lifetime of the system as we are certain of our detection principle and measurements. The challenge we are facing is not very common as microfluidic systems are traditionally made disposable and for one-time use only - we are aiming to extend the lifetime of our microfluidic system to weeks and months. This work is performed through rigorous simulation work and a basic trial and error approach which has been satisfactory so far. The exact maintenance requirement for our system will be revealed at product launch!

The latest model - Sigrid