Gustav Erik Skands (CEO)

Gustav Erik Skands

Gustav Erik Skands has technical insight combined with significant flair for business development. Gustav brings experience from an entrepreneurial family, and he worked at a management consultancy firm alongside his university studies before he co-founded SBT Instruments. Gustav holds a M.Sc. degree from the Technical University of Denmark in engineering specializing in Physics and Nanotechnology, and he has completed a 9-months Executive Education program, Pasteur Program, at Harvard Business School sponsored by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Christian Vinther Bertelsen (CTO)

Christian Vinther Bertelsen
Christian Vinther Bertelsen has a strong technical background in the production and development of micro devices with experience from student jobs at both DTU Danchip and DTU Risø. In addition to this Christian has comprehensive understanding of biophysics and biological engineering. Furthermore, Christian spent one semester at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Christian holds a M.Sc. degree from the Technical University of Denmark in engineering specializing in Physics and Nanotechnology.

Frederik Peter Aalund (CIO)

Frederik Peter Aalund
Frederik Peter Aalund is responsible for all software development, graphical user interfaces, real-time data processing, and analysis. Frederik holds a M.Sc. degree in Mathematical Modelling and Computing (MMC) from the Technical University of Denmark. In addition to his studies at the Technical University of Denmark, Frederik has also completed a study abroad masters program in Computer Science at the Mississippi State University, USA. The excellent academic results are supplemented with work experience from software-related student jobs as well as involvement in the Danish startup scene.

Martin Wraber (Product Development Executive)

Martin Wraber
Martin Wraber brings many years of experience with product development from jobs at industry-leading companies. Martin will use his vast knowledge of product development to transform our novel bacteria detection technology into an easy-to-use product. In addition to his practical know-how from companies such as Nokia, Oticon, and Coloplast, Martin holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial and Product Design from Aalborg Universitet. All of this is strengthened by Martin's previous startup experience from his his own consultancy work as a product developer.

Tobias Groot Nielsen (Product Developer)

Tobias Groot Nielsen
Tobias Groot Nielsen's extensive skill set in mechanical as well as electrical engineering makes him an invaluable asset in our product development team. Since his very first days as an intern, he has brought know-how and ingenuity to the company and exceeded in every way. Now, as a full-time product developer he continues to bring tremendous improvements to our bacteria sensor. Tobias holds a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Tobias works closely together with Martin and together their complementary expertise turn our bacteria detection technology into a product.

Casper Hyttel Clausen (Development Engineer)

Casper Hyttel Clausen
Casper Hyttel Clausen strengthens SBT Instruments with both his comprehensive technical background in nanotechnology and his practical experience with bringing technology to market. Casper holds a Ph.D. degree from the Technical University of Denmark where he specialized in nanotechnology. During this time, he designed and built an atomic force microscope for electro-mechanical probing of bacteria. After the university, Casper has held a key engineering position at Biomatics Technology where he developed instruments for the pharma industry.

Emma Bildsted Petersen (Student Helper)

Emma Bildsted Petersen
Emma Bildsted Petersen assists SBT Instruments' product development team in validating new initiatives through tests in her role as student helper. Her theoretical knowledge about bio-engineering and microbiology is further strengthened by her previous positions as a student helper at Technological Institute and at Sweco. Through her involvement in the industry, she has acquired valuable experience that is now applied at SBT Instruments. Emma has a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Engineering from Aarhus University. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Science program in Biotechnology Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

Jacob Schlünsen (Project Manager)

Jacob Schlünsen
Jakob Schlünsen has more than 14 years of experience with managing and designing hardware and software for mobile phones and payment terminals. Having held project managing positions in companies such as Nokia, Cryptera, and MEC Switches, his vast experience is a strong assest to SBT Instruments. Jakob has a degree in mechanical engineering, which is supplemented with a graduate diploma in business administration. This combination of experience and expertise makes Jakob uniquely suited to manage the highly technical projects found in SBT Instruments.