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TechBBQ 2017

SBT Instruments attended TechBBQ 2017 as part of the 3,500 participants who occupied Øksnehallen's 5000 m² for this two-day event.

Many of the entrants came by SBT Instruments' booth and experienced the live demonstration that we had arranged for the occation. It's not everyday that you see real-time bacteria measurements.

TechBBQ Logo

TechBBQ describes itself as:

...not only a summit but a unique opportunity to experience tomorrow's technologies while having the chance to connect with your future customer, colleague, boss, investor or co-founder.

SBT Instruments would like to thank the arrangers of TechBBQ for putting the event together and giving us the opportunity to participate in this future-tech event.

It has only been two months since SBT Instruments attended another technology-oriented festival in Vienna.