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Welcome to Martin Wraber

We are pleased to announce that Martin Wraber will be joining our team as our product development executive.

Martin Wraber brings many years of experience with product development from jobs at industry-leading companies. Martin will use his vast knowledge of product development to transform our novel bacteria detection technology into an easy-to-use product. In addition to his practical know-how from companies such as Nokia, Oticon, and Coloplast, Martin holds a M.Sc. degree in Industrial and Product Design from Aalborg Universitet. All of this is strengthened by Martin's previous startup experience from his his own consultancy work as a product developer.

Martin will be working closely together with Tobias Groot Nielsen, our product developer, who has been working with us full-time since June 2016 following his internship in February 2016. Together, they will design, prototype, build, and test our bacteria sensor – turning our bacteria detection technology into a product.