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This is our vision. There are many applications where bacteria are measured today. However, there are even more applications where there is a huge desire to measure bacteria, but it is hindered by the fact that measuring bacteria today is slow, expensive, and difficult.

We are enablers and innovators. We enable people to measure and monitor bacteria everywhere through our novel detection technology that is fast, affordable, and easy-to-use. Having innovative products that are user-friendly makes it possible for everyone to use them, and as a result, everyone will be able to measure bacteria, everywhere.

To achieve that, we follow our core values:

We are driven to improve society

We want to introduce a global technology leap within microbiology measurements. We work hard to make our solutions widely available and we take pride in helping our community when we can.

SBT is people

Our success is entirely dependent on the collective energy and well-being of all members of the team. We value trust and flexibility in the workplace, and encourage initiatives that increase happiness.

Successful customers are everything to us

We want our customers to love our products. We focus on making our customers wildly successful, and we will do everything we can to generate as many happy customers as possible.

Knowledge creates smarter solutions

Knowledge is key to pushing technological boundaries therefore we are knowledge hungry, driven, and sharing. We value the independent and collective pursuit of knowledge and we recognize great ideas when we see them.

Meet the team

Meet the team


Gustav Skands
CEO & Co-founder
[email protected]

Gustav is the CEO of SBT. His focus is on the company achieving its vision to make bacteria measurements accessible and enable everyone to measure bacteria, everywhere. He holds a master’s degree from the Technical University of Denmark and has completed an executive education program at Harvard Business School.


Frederik Peter Aalund
CIO & Co-founder
[email protected]

Frederik leads the software development at SBT. He designs the real-time bacteria detection algorithms used in SBT's products and regularly contributes to the open source community. Frederik holds a MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Computation from the Technical University of Denmark.

Anders Handlos Grauslund 3

Anders H. Grauslund
[email protected]

Anders’ responsibilities are managing daily operations and the strategic execution within SBT. Additionally, he is responsible for various financial and legal aspects of firm operations. He brings his experience from FaunaPhotonics, Accelerace, and Ørsted. Anders holds an HD in Finance from CBS and an MSc in Biotechnology from The University of Copenhagen.


Søren Mac Larsen
Senior Hardware Engineer

Søren is senior engineer and responsible for hardware. With a +25 year experience in electronics from especially the measuring industry (Bioimpedance/ Water / Audio-Video) he is dedicated to making precision measurement instruments. Søren holds an engineering degree in electronics from Copenhagen Teknikum.


Christian Flindt Heckermann
Product Developer

Christian runs the mechanical product development at SBT. He is experienced with innovative product development from SBT and Carlsberg and is driven by innovation that makes a difference. Christian holds an engineering degree in mechanics from the Technical University of Denmark.


Jonatan Midtgaard
Software Developer

Jonatan is a software developer at SBT, involved in everything from the core algorithms to the user interface. He is passionate about developing efficient, high-performing software and bridging the gap between advanced technology and its users. Jonatan holds a PhD in Physics from Aarhus University.


Maria Novytska 
Marketing Manager  

Maria leads the market research, marketing strategy, and product promotion in SBT. With +10 years of experience in the tech B2B market, she is creating a perfect match between customer needs and company possibilities. Maria holds an MSc degree in Management from the NTUU and a Marketing Certification from the NIMA. 


Sara Skøtt Paulsen
Head of Lab & Application Engineer

Sara is a part of the team that works on improving the reliability and accuracy of our products. She is very passionate about creating solutions to real life problems, and is therefore also working on increasing the application space for the technology by developing new sample preparation methods. Sara holds a PhD degree in biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark.

peter web

Peter Lüttge Jordal
Senior Application Specialist

Peter is in charge of developing tailored sample pretreatment protocols prior to the actual bacterial measurements on the BactoBox. He has been hunting bacteria for over 10 years, mainly related to biotechnological exploitation of bacteria but also for microbiological troubleshooting in e.g. food and industrial production. Peter is a biotech engineer and holds a PhD degree in biomarkers from the University of Aarhus.


Chris Ernskov Douglas
QC Laboratory Technician

Chris is part of the Laboratory team. He primarily works with the quality control of BactoBox and our microfluidic flow-cells before they are shipped off to our customers, along with maintenance of our laboratory. Chris is a laboratory technician, educated at Zealand in Roskilde.


Marcos González Díaz
Core Tech Student Assistant

Marcos is part of the Research & Development team. He has been involved in research projects during his Telecommunication Engineering Degree and is passionate about creating something unique. He is currently studying his master's in Space Technology at the Technical University of Denmark.


Mie Demant Björk
Laboratory Student Assistant

Mie is part of the Laboratory team. Her role is to help and ensure smooth operations and hands-on support in the lab setup. She has the task of securing the quality of BactoBox and microfluidic flow-cells and supporting other lab activities. Mie is studying MSc. in Quantitative Biology and Disease Modelling at the Technical University of Denmark.

Maria Garofalaki 2

Maria Garofalaki
Core Tech Student Assistant

Maria is part of the Research & Development team. Her primary task is to analyze and visualize the data. She is currently doing her master's in mathematical modeling and computation at DTU. Her specialization is Machine learning and data analysis, for the last year she has worked extensively on features selection and optimizing classifiers.  

Mateusz Kiciński

Mateusz Kiciński
Software Student Assistant

Mateusz is part of the software development team. His tasks revolve around various parts of end-to-end software development.
He is studying MSc. in Physics and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark.

We are always open to talented employees who want to join the SBT team.
Even though we don't have open vacancies at the moment -
you are always welcome to send us your CV and motivation letter: 
[email protected]
We will contact you as soon as we have the position relevant to your experience. 


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