BactoBox Technical Notes

Access a selection of technical notes that delve into the performance of BactoBox.

SBT-June22 21

Fluorescence flow cytometry & BactoBox

Learn how BactoBox correlates to fluorescence flow cytometry in terms of results and cell viability assessment for bacterial enumeration. Read more.

SBT-June22 13

BactoBox's precision in bacterial counting

A compelling argument for implementing BactoBox in your work is its significantly higher precision compared to conventional microbiology techniques. Read more.

SBT-June22 7

Exploring the linearity of BactoBox

Explore the linearity response of BactoBox in its measurement range.  We present two examples of linearity response testing using the BactoBox; bacteria and particles. Read more.

Application Insights

In this section, we dive into learnings relevant to the field of fermentation and other applications where BactoBox is relevant.


Understanding OD600's limitations in assessing cell densities

OD600 has been the primary method cell density assessment for many years, but significantly better methods exist today. Read more.