Precision of BactoBox

Explore how BactoBox provides a rapid, precise, and cost-effective alternative to traditional Colony Forming Units (CFUs) in microbial enumeration. This application note presents a detailed comparison between the conventional plate count method and BactoBox, using a variety of bacterial species to demonstrate BactoBox’s robust capabilities and high precision.

Transforming microbial enumeration

Traditional plate counting, while widely accepted, comes with significant drawbacks such as lengthy result times and high variability. BactoBox addresses these challenges by delivering rapid and precise bacterial counts using impedance flow cytometry, which does not rely on bacterial cultivation and is less affected by sample variability.

Technical findings

Discover the critical insights from our application note which evaluates the performance of BactoBox against traditional CFUs:

  • Strong Correlation with CFUs: Comparative analysis with five bacterial species showed that BactoBox’s intact cell concentrations (ICC) strongly correlate with CFU measurements, demonstrating its effectiveness across different microbial types.
  • Superior Precision: BactoBox displayed a significantly lower Coefficient of Variation (CV) compared to CFUs, particularly advantageous when handling high bacterial concentrations.
  • Cost and Labor Efficiency: Each BactoBox measurement costs about half as much as traditional plate counts and requires considerably less labor, highlighting its efficiency and potential cost savings.

These findings highlight BactoBox's technical superiority, offering a more efficient and precise alternative to traditional methods.

Advantages of BactoBox over traditional methods

  • Immediate, Actionable Results: BactoBox’s rapid testing capability, providing results in as little as two minutes, allows for quicker adjustments in manufacturing processes and quality control.
  • Reduced Risk of Contamination: Faster testing significantly reduces the window for potential contamination, enhancing the reliability of microbial assessments.
  • Ease of Use: With minimal training required and less manual handling, BactoBox reduces the scope for human error, making it an ideal solution for high-throughput environments.

Explore the full application note

For a deeper understanding of how BactoBox can streamline your microbial enumeration processes and to view detailed comparative analyses, download the full application note here.

Enumerate Bacteria with BactoBox®

Enumerate Bacteria with BactoBox®

Enumerate Bacteria with BactoBox®

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