Fluorescence Flow Cytometry vs. BactoBox

BactoBox offers a revolutionary approach to bacterial analysis through impedance flow cytometry (IFC). Unlike traditional fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC), which relies on staining and can affect cell integrity, BactoBox is a stain-independent method designed for rapid, precise bacterial counting in diverse samples.

Key findings from comparative study

A comprehensive comparison between BactoBox and conventional FFC reveal that BactoBox provides equivalent results in detecting viable bacterial concentrations and live/dead ratios. This head-to-head analysis was conducted with standard industry strains commonly found within the probiotic space, and it also demonstrates BactoBox's accuracy and reliability for challenging bacterial strains that often show high rates of non-culturability.

Advantages of using BactoBox

BactoBox simplifies bacterial analysis by eliminating the need for dyes or extensive sample preparation:

  • Speed: With full sample preparation, obtain results in less than 12 minutes, compared to 30 minutes with FFC.
  • Ease of Use: Requires minimal training and setup, making it accessible even for non-specialists.
  • Cost Efficiency: Offers a more affordable solution with significantly lower investment costs.

For accurate, direct cell counting, BactoBox is the most affordable and fastest solution available today.

Application in probiotic production

The impedance method used by BactoBox is particularly advantageous in probiotic production settings. It enables real-time sample monitoring, crucial for maintaining the quality and viability of probiotic batches throughout the production process. This ensures maximum yield for each production and full use of production capacity.

Sustainability and safety

By avoiding chemical stains and extensive sample handling, BactoBox presents a safer and more environmentally friendly option for bacterial enumeration.

Download the full article

Gain a deeper understanding of the advanced capabilities of BactoBox and its role in transforming bacterial analysis. Download the full peer-reviewed article here to explore the scientific validation and detailed comparative analysis with traditional FFC methods.

Enumerate Bacteria with BactoBox®

Enumerate Bacteria with BactoBox®

Enumerate Bacteria with BactoBox®

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