No Calibration Required

Perform Quantified Bacterial Cell Counts in Minutes.


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    Looking to Accurately Quantify Your Bacterial Culture Without Tedious Calibration?

    Precise Enumeration of Bacterial Cultures

    Precise Enumeration of Bacterial Cultures

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    BactoBox provides accurate cell counts in bacterial cultures within minutes, delivering quantified results in terms of intact cells/mL (intact cell concentration or ICC). It eliminates the need for working with arbitrary numbers and establishing or renewing calibration curves. Also works well for anaerobic bacteria.

    Easy Workflow

    Easy workflow

    Quantified Counts By Pressing a Button

    BactoBox® offers an easy-to-use solution for performing bacteria enumeration in 2 minutes.

    With its user-friendly interface, minimal training is required to achieve highly precise total bacteria counts in minutes.

    Enjoy enhanced precision and accuracy with BactoBox®.

    Get to Know Some of the Masterminds Behind BactoBox


    Gustav Skands

    CEO, Inventor

    MSc in Engineering of Physics and Nanotechnology


    Peter Lüttge Jordal, PhD

    Tech Product Manager

    PhD in Proteomics, MSc in Medical Biotechnology


    Marcos González Díaz

    R&D Engineer

    MSc in Engineering of Space Technology