Easy & Accurate Bacteria
Measurements in Minutes

Easy & Accurate Bacteria
Measurements in Minutes

Easy & Accurate Bacteria
Measurements in Minutes

Easy & Accurate Bacteria
Measurements in Minutes

Easy & Accurate Bacteria
Measurements in Minutes


A Novel Approach to Bacteria Measurements

A new take on bacteria measurements


Fast Results

Using impedance flow cytometry, BactoBox® produces accurate total bacteria counts in 2 minutes


Counts All Types of Bacteria

BactoBox® counts all bacteria including anaerobic bacteria and bacteria that are difficult to culture on plates


Easy to Use

BactoBox® requires practically no training to operate – simply press the button and get results.

How It Works

Bacteria Measurements by Pressing a Button

Bacteria measurements by pressing a button


BactoBox® has been designed as a versatile tool that help users get fast bacteria measurements close to the action. It has a small footprint to fit in most places, it is user-friendly to avoid extensive training, and it delivers high precision total bacteria counts in just a few minutes. Grab a sample, insert it in BactoBox® and press measure. Simple as that.

BactoBox® is designed to measure bacteria for customers that work with bacteria as their product or with bacteria as a production organism. It measures all bacteria, including endospores and difficult-to-cultivate bacteria.


BactoBox® as an Essential Tool within Bioprocessing

BactoBox® measures bacteria using Impedance flow cytometry

BactoBox® is an indispensable tool for companies that are producing bacteria as a product (e.g. starter cultures, live biotherapeutics, probiotics, bacterial vaccines, etc.) and for companies that are using bacteria as a “factory” for production of e.g. enzymes, biosurfactants, amino acids, and human milk oligosaccharides. It is also useful for calibrating microbial test suspensions and for microbiome studies when working with bacteria that are difficult or impossible to culture. 


BactoBox® gives here and now answers on the precise total bacteria concentration in your fermentations. BactoBox® works well with fermentation processes that contain colored media or insoluble particles, which widens the possibilities for optimizing, improving, and validating your fermentations.


Knowing the exact concentration of bacterial cells after harvesting is useful to assess yield and validate production improvement activities. Furthermore, the process of harvesting can be further optimized with rapid learning loops to increase final product yield.

BactoBox is used to provide total counts to observe changes in microbiome compositions in human and animal samples, for example, skin swabs, stool samples, saliva, and urine. Our device is cultivation-independent it overcomes many of the challenges with traditional microbiology methods.


Preservation of bacteria through e.g. lyophilization is a process that has a high risk of compromising cell membranes. BactoBox® can be used to measure the exact intact cell concentration after the preservation step, and thereby provide crucial information on optimizing the yield of viable bacteria.


Formulating the final product typically involves several different steps which may affect final product yield. BactoBox® can be used to validate and improve different steps of the formulation process as well as validate the final intact cell concentration and homogeneity of the product.

Detection Limits

BactoBox® Accurately Enumerates Bacterial Cells in Samples with High Bacterial Loads

BactoBox® measures bacteria using Impedance flow cytometry

The detection range for BactoBox® is 10,000 to 5,000,000 intact cells/mL. A simple dilution will have to be performed to reach this interval for most applications in which BactoBox® is used.

The detection range can be affected if there are too many bacteria-sized particles in the sample. But this is rarely a problem even for samples with many particles such as stool and soil samples.

Fermentation Dilution

Optimise Your Bacteria Enumeration with BactoBox®

BactoBox® is a small device that we can easily ship around the world for trials. The first-time user training procedure takes less than one hour. Submit your information in the form below and we will contact you to discuss the technical fit with your application and explore the potential trial opportunities.


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