Fast and accurate bacteria detection

Meet BactoBox®

A new take on bacteria measurements

A new take on bacteria measurements


Fast results

Using Impedance flow cytometry, BactoBox produces accurate total bacteria counts in 2 minutes


Counts all types of bacteria

BactoBox counts all bacteria including anaerobic bacteria and bacteria that are difficult to culture on plates


Easy to use

We designed BactoBox to require practically no training to operate – simply press the button and get results.

How it works

Bacteria measurements by pressing a button

Bacteria measurements by pressing a button


We designed BactoBox to help users get fast bacteria measurements where they are needed: Close to the action. It has a small footprint to fit in most places, is user-friendly to avoid extensive training and still delivers accurate total bacteria counts in just a few minutes. Grab a sample, insert it in BactoBox and press measure. Simple as that.

BactoBox is designed to measure bacteria in water directly and in pure cultures and some liquid products with simple sample preparation. It measures all bacteria, including endospores and difficult-to-cultivate bacteria.

The core technology

Measuring bacteria using impedance flow cytometry

BactoBox® measures bacteria using Impedance flow cytometry


BactoBox employs a new approach to bacteria measurements called impedance flow cytometry. Inside a microfluidic flow-cell, bacteria in the sample are detected and distinguished from particles and killed cells based on their electrical properties. It differs from existing technologies by being both fast, accurate, easy-to-use and affordable.

BactoBox is bringing value to customers in a broad range of biotech applications

BactoBox is bringing value to customers in a range of applications

Fermentation processes

BactoBox can be used to give a here and now answer on the total concentration of bacteria in a sample. This allows users to control fermentation processes in order to optimize product yield and quality. For probiotics production, BactoBox can be an indispensable tool for determining the concentration of intact cells in the intermediate and final freeze-dried products.

Microbiome exploration

BactoBox is used to provide total counts that helps observing changes in microbiome compositions in human and animal samples, for example, skin swabs, intestinal samples, stool samples, saliva, and urine. Our device is cultivation-independent it overcomes many of the challenges with traditional microbiology methods.

Antibacterial R&D

The development of novel antibiotics and biocides requires bacterial test suspensions with reliable concentrations. 
BactoBox can provide this answer immediately with no need for calibration curves so you can move swiftly to the actual experiment, and speed up your antimicrobial development processes.

Want to see it in action?

We collect happy customers so go ahead and try before you buy. Request a demo to see for yourself what BactoBox can do for you.


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